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  • Revolving Strength

  • Warrior Victory

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  • Finding your core

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  • Integrating body power

  • Finding your triceps strength

We would like to encourage you to be a part of a very special place. Our goal is to build winning bodies of all kinds, in a clean and quiet environment, with only the most excellent care. The instruction comes from years of personal practice, education and teaching. And because of the comprehensive teaching skills of the owner, Dominique Nero, one of the greatest advantages to our clients is the variety of exercise choices available. You can be assured that our mission is to see you through safe and effective exercise every time.





"Women hold-up half the sky" 

Chairman Mao Tse Tung 


  • Personal Training...
    This is the ultimate experience for beginning, improving, or intensifying your fitness goals. Anyone wishing to begin a program of fitness will greatly advance their fitness level and speed the…

Studio Rental

  • Space is Available...
    The Winning Body Studio space is available for rental for small workshops, small group classes of 10 or less, and to other personal trainers.

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