What are you looking for in an exercise program?

The beginning exerciser can expect the opportunity to undertake an exercise program at a safe and effective level in an environment of encouragement and patient coaching. For the more experienced exerciser, we offer a variety of tools and methods designed to explore your potential and to perhaps discover strengths you never knew you had. Advanced exercisers can expect appropriate and intense challenges from a wide array of equipment, methodologies, and exercise science protocols.

Do you think it’s time to do this for yourself?

Absolutely! Imagine our studio is prepared to give you just what you need, just when you need it! Think of us as a spa for your heart, lungs, muscles and more. All of our considerable talents will be available for programs designed just for you, so that your exercise needs can be simply checked-off the list. You may come to us with the belief that exercise is a burden, but we believe that after exercising for a while, you will find that exercise is a privilege. And you are worth it!

How much do you care about yourself?

This question is at the root of your next decision: to begin, continue or advance your exercise program and improve your health. There are no joining fees or memberships to attend classes or have personal training sessions at The Winning Body Studio. Please see our schedule of fees for classes, private lessons, and personal training sessions. Making the decision to be a part of our studio could be one of the most important decisions you will ever make and one that will definitely improve your health, wellness and fitness.



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    This is the ultimate experience for beginning, improving, or intensifying your fitness goals. Anyone wishing to begin a program of fitness will greatly advance their fitness level and speed the…

Studio Rental

  • Space is Available...
    The Winning Body Studio space is available for rental for small workshops, small group classes of 10 or less, and to other personal trainers.

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